Rent A Hotel Room

per day R1000

An ideal office for the day!

Monday – Friday from 07h30 – 17h30
R1 000.00 per day

We Offer:
Wi-Fi – Complimentary uncap Wi-Fi available for the day.
Working desk inside your room.
Bathroom facilities in the room will be available with hand towels.
Complimentary Tea & Coffee station
Sanitizer – You will receive disposable blue cloth and sanitizer daily, in order to also sanitize the area for peace of mind.
Peace and Quiet

Terms & Conditions Apply:
Booking in advance is essential.
Complimentary uncap Wi-fi facilities available during the duration of your booking.
The room will be available from 07h30 – 17h30.
A disposable cloth and sanitizer will be available at your work station for your own peace of mind, however the room will be sanitised prior to arrival. Cleaning of the room will only be conducted on request, kindly note that we would require you to vacate your room should you require the room to be cleaned during the day, in order to allow for social distancing.