Self-guided tour of the Irene Farm

Free of charge

A fun interactive lesson about the history as well as the cows on the farm. Use the visitor map to guide you, click here for the Irene Farm map…


Watch the cows getting milked at our viewing gallery and learn how it was done back in the day. Herewith some fun cow facts to guide you.

Baby calf pens

  • 4 Days after birth, around the time that the cow stops producing colostrum, the calves are put into pens.
  • This is the safest place for them to be as they are well looked after and separated so they don’t get ill.
  • They receive 5l of milk per day – 2.5l in the morning and 2.5l in the afternoon – which is all they need until their stomachs have matured which is when they reach around 100kgs in weight.
  • Once they reach 100kgs they are then moved to the fields behind the pens with their group (calves born around the same time) until they are 2 years old.

Maternity ward

  • Cows are pregnant for 275 days.
  • With about 2 months of their pregnancy to go, they are moved to the maternity ward where they are closely observed.
  • They give birth in the maternity ward and spend the first 4 days with their calf before the calf is moved to the pen.
  • During this time the calf drinks much needed colostrum from the mom.

Milking Process

  • Twice a day the cows are herded to this building where they are fed before going off to be milked.
  • Here they are also checked for illness and inseminated.
  • They are also washed before going in to the milking process.
  • Once inside, they are all milked and then herded off to the fields where they are able to feed again.
  • The milk is cooled down asap and bottled.

Young cows

  • Once the calves reach around 2 years old they are moved to this back field where they continue to graze and grow until they are mature enough for insemination.
  • A cow will only start producing milk once it has calved.


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